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Capturing Prints at Jiggy Wrigglers

Time: 10:00

Date: 2021-11-08

Location: St Wilfrid's Parish Church, Bognor Regis

Event Description:

Popolo Ceramico will be at Jiggy Wrigglers mixed and baby classes capturing baby/toddler hand or footprints onto a variety of ceramic baby keepsakes, Christmas gifts and silver jewellery!

Prices starting from £8.50, see our website to view the products available in advance:


How does it work?

After you have chosen what you would like I will capture your baby or child’s prints onto the ceramics of your choice at the class and then take them away to personalise by hand, glaze and fire then I will return your finished packaged products to your class 2-3 weeks later for you to collect. 

Please feel free to message me if you have any questions or requests.