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Prints in John Lewis

Time: 10:00

Date: 2023-10-07

Location: Eldon Square, Percy St, Newcastle upon Tyne NE1 7RR

Event Description:

⭐⭐To secure a slot please book here https://bookwhen.com/popolonewcastle/ ⭐⭐

Come see us here at our favourite department store, John Lewis! We will be visiting the nursery department on the first Saturday of every month.

?We will capture children’s hands and footprints on beautiful ceramics, including vases, photoframes, plates and mugs and many more keepsake items. All items will be personalised and beautifully hand finished, perfect as gifts for loved ones or to treasure as keepsakes.
Prices start from £9, please visit https://www.popoloceramico.co.uk/product-category/hands-footprints/prints-paint/

⭐ It is essential that you book a slot at John Lewis. We have availability between 10am – 12pm.

To secure a slot please book here https://bookwhen.com/popolonewcastle/

T: 07538544145

E: jen@popoloceramico.co.uk

Facebook: @popoloceramiconewcastle

Instagram: @popoloceramiconewcastle