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Prints in Paint at parents and baby group – alcampo lounge

Time: 10:00

Date: 2024-05-09

Location: Al Campo Lounge 84 to 86 London Road Brighton BN1 4JF

Event Description:

Popolo Ceramico is excited to be offering ceramic prints at Al Campo Lounge, Brighton during their Parent & Baby Group on  Thursday 9 May.

To book your appointment please go to: https://bookwhen.com/popoloceramico_brighton/e/ev-s0fo-20240509100000

You can book a 20 minute time slot but prints may be done much quicker depending on how many items you are getting printed.

Prices start from £9.50, see our website to view the products available in advance.

How does it work?
After you have chosen what you would like I will capture your baby or child’s prints at the event and then take them away to personalise by hand, glaze and fire then I will return your finished packaged products to Alcampo Lounge 2 weeks later for you to collect.